Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes

Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes

We’re often told that “one size fits all” applies to almost everything — including our eyelashes. But just as we all have different face shapes, hair textures and skin tones, we also have different eye shapes. The different eyelash shapes suitable for different eyelash extension. So we suggest the lash artist should to know more different knowledge about lash extension to try to make the different lash mapping for different people, the effect will be much better than one size fits all! And you will must get more regular customer.

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Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes 7

Social Media are full of photos of long, luscious charming lashes, let us also would like to have same attractive effect. But actually , for most of us, it is not every eyelash extension styles are suitable for our own eyes. This is also the important point that the lash artist should know . If you want to do a suitable eyelashes frame according to your client’s eyes in the most flattering way, you need to have an customize eye and prepare the lash mapping for them. If you are not very sure  how to make sure it , just follow us , this blog will give you the answers!

There are many different points when you prepare eyelash extension mapping or design for your clients.

The most important thing that you need to observe the eye shapes of your eyes. Different eye shapes suitable different curl , length , and thickness lash extension.

For example, if the eye shape is hooded and you chosen a mega volume lash extension mapping for them , then might be have an smaller eyes than before. It is very funny.

As I mentioned, there are very much different size of eyelashes extension, so the another important factors of good effect is eyelash extension.  The length and the thickness of clients’ natural eyes decided how much space should be used when you grafting false eyelashes. If the eyelash extension is not enough , they will be fall off faster.

And then you can grafting lash extension according to your customers’ demand to try get the different look, for example, the natural look , drama look or something else they want.

Now we already know the most 2 points about good lash extension effect, now I will introduce several eyelashes extension matches of common eyes shapes .

Almond eyes

Almond eyes
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Almond eyes is the most easy to make eyelash extension and can do any styles you want. Fortunately, almond eyes suitable all the eyelash extension and all that styles , from natural soft to drama exaggerated ,looks good!

If your client wants a flattering way to make the eyes look more prominent, opt for slender lashes. They will add dimension and volume from root to tip. Alternatively, cat eye lashes can be used just beyond the outer corner of the eye. If you want a more dramatic look, try blending lengths, including 8mm lashes on the inner corner and 14mm lashes on the outer corner.

For an eye-catching look, apply long lashes all over the eye for a sultry look.

-Try a medium length J curling lashes for the most natural look. J Curl lashes lift the eyes for a big-eyed look.

-Try extra long D curl lashes for a more dramatic look. D Curl lashes are thicker, longer and look like your natural lashes.

-Try B curl lashes can be added to the outer corners of the eyes. It will give your clients an eye-opening cat eye effect that looks amazing on almond eyes!

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes
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In general, droopy eyes are more likely to be shadowed than other eye shapes. Skin hoods on the eyelids can make it look like the eyes are drooping down at the outer corners.

Drooping outer corners are characteristic of droopy eyes. The perfect boost extension for this eye shape is the C and CC curl.

We recommend that you use the eyes of the eyes on the outer corners to lift your eyes. For those who brighten their eyes, the inner corners of the eyes should be shorter and longer toward the vertical tail.

The best way to get this look is to use different lengths in each row (eg, 8mm-9mm-10mm).

If your client has this eye shape, you should choose the following method:

For natural look: Keep lash extensions shorter at the outer corners and longer in the middle of the lids. This will help open the eyes and make them appear more awake and awake.

For dramatic look: If your client wants a really dramatic look, use a longer length in the middle of the lash line, but make sure to keep it shorter at both corners. It will lift and create an eye-opening effect.

Upturned eyes

upturned eyes
Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes 10

When your client’s eyes are upturned, the outer corner of the eye is 45 degrees or higher when looking up. Therefore, when you look directly at the iris, you may see more similar changes in the iris. Because of the cat’s eye appearance, many upturned people of cats wish to enlarge their eye appearance by a thicker extension of their natural eye appearance.

If the client has upturned eyes, their brow and cheekbones are very prominent. To make the most of these natural features and give your eyes more prominence, try lashes that add length and volume to the outer corners. This style will open up the eye and complement its natural shape.

Client requests for this eye shape tend to be thicker lashes, as lift occurs naturally during extension.

A great tip for this lash style is to use a thicker base at the outer corners for extra lift that enhances the cat-eye effect.

Thick lashes tend to suit this eye shape because you can shed a lot of thickness without making the eyes look too heavy or heavy. Just make sure the client wants the look of fuller lashes, and know that the amount of lash extensions you apply will depend on how full the client wants. If you’re using classic lashes, try more D-curls than C-curls

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes
Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes 11

Hooded eyes people tend to have hoods or folds in the crease of their eyelid. To avoid lashes losing any length, try lengthening them at the outer corners, which will give them a subtle lift.

For hooded eyes clients, pls make sure you have enough shorts. This eye shape has a little extra skin fold in the eye fold, making it difficult to see longer lash extensions. Elongated and open eyes are ideal for this eye shape, but you don’t want to apply too many long lashes or they will weigh down the eyelids and cause them to close! A great style for this eye shape is alternating lengths—use a few long lashes on each fan—that still has some length but doesn’t look overbearing.

The key to lash extensions that cover your eyes is to create dimension. You want to make sure there is enough length in the center of the eye and lift at the outer corners

If you’re making a “big” fan, make sure the fan is shaped like a V or U.

If you are doing traditional curling lashes, you must remember that you should use more C curls than B curls. C-shaped curls will help bring more lift and give the illusion of lifting the lid.

This eye shape can usually easily accommodate lengths of 15mm to 16mm without looking over the top

Remember, it’s all about creating more space on the top cover. If your client wants more dramatic eyes, apply more tightly (more volume). If they want a more natural enhancement, space them accordingly!

Monolid eyes

Monolid eyes
Eyelash Extension styles recommendation for different eye shapes 12

The shape of the monolid eye is slightly different from the hooded eye because there is no visible skin on the eyelid. There is a crease around the eyelid that is not visible from the outside. However, the lashes can be difficult to apply for a perfect look as there is no definition on the lid. When using lash extensions for single eyelids, your best bet is to use lash extensions with curl, thickness and length for a defined look.

You should avoid straight lashes, like I curl,  as they don’t have enough curves to fit this eye shape

Just because your client doesn’t have a crease doesn’t mean she can’t have gorgeous lashes! Lash artists working on single eyelids can achieve a similar look to double eyelids by adding length and volume to the outer corners of the eyes. Opening the eyes in the outer corners creates an illusion that gives the eyes depth and makes them stand out.

For clients with single eyelids, a mix of 8mm and 12mm lashes is recommended. Shorter lashes are added to the inner corner of the eye to create depth and definition. While longer lashes are added to the outer corners of the eyes for a winged effect.

A lot of people with this eye shape think they can’t wear eyelashes, but they can! You have to be careful about the thickness and length you choose. Since there is no crease, you don’t want to go too long as your lashes will curve back and look less pretty. I recommend C curls or B curls that are 8mm-12mm in length.

You can also do curl lash extensions on this eye, but you need to make sure the lash fan isn’t too big (2-3D is fine). Again, make sure your lashes aren’t too long, as they curve back and look interesting on this type of eye.

Grafting eyelashes is a one-step beauty job that can be done in just a few hours, and doesn’t require you to apply makeup every day. Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to go back to mascara.

But even if everyone wants longer, thicker lashes, not every lash customer’s eye shape is right for every extension style. For example, a “cat’s eye” style might look beautiful on some clients, but might overwhelm others. For best results, it is essential to choose the correct lash look for your natural eye shape.


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