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The COVID-19 is keeping for about 3 years, but the women still haven’t give up the chase about beauty. As we can see, wearing mask let the women would like to pay more attention on their eyes, and eyelash extension is still very hot and have no big influence by epidemic , even the business is better. But serious epidemic cause the women cannot go out the door as usual, so that there are more and more beauty women would like to wearing lashes at home by themself. DIY lashes is more and more popular than before.
So now this article will discuss the difference between eyelash extension and individual lashes around this phenomenon. Let’s see and consider which way is better for you!

1. The brief review of eyelash extension.

Eyelash extensions have been in fashion for longer than most people think. The desire for luscious eyelashes has changed dramatically since 3500 BC. While the cause of long eyelashes was more symbolic at the time, today, they are a sign of beauty.
It is a very traditional and popular way to getting more volume lashes effect which is already popular for many years. Since the media is more and more popular , eyelash extension are chased by so many super star !The Audrey Hepburn was wearing a pair of false lashes in the movie and had a very good reputation and hotspot phenomenon, the false eyelashes started to popular among the beautiful women.
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Semi-permanent eyelashes in widespread use today are made from just about any material you can imagine. Synthetic fibers, silk and animal hair are some of the substances used today for grafting eyelashes. These materials are easier to apply and generally lighter than their ancestors.
Strip lashes are temporary adhesive eyelashes invented by Anna Taylor in 1911. Today, they are made of different materials and still achieve a similar effect. No lash technician is required to apply strip lashes, making them a more viable option for many people. They are generally easy to apply and generally cost less than eyelash extension treatments.

2. What is individual lashes?

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Individual lashes are usually have much other names, such as segmented lashes, DIY lashes, and false lashes. It is synthetic lashes that are stacked one on top of the other and attached at the bottom, usually with a knot for quick and easy adhesion in the past, but as the technology developing , there are many different type of individual lashes root, such as cluster or press the cotton band together ,and more easier to wear and access to the glue. They’re usually more than just a synthetic lash, like lash extensions. Typically, there are three individual lashes in each set, the longest at the bottom and the shortest joined together at the top. Like flares, individual lashes can attach to the skin, or to natural lashes directly.

3. The difference between eyelash extension and individual lashes?

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As we mentioned , eyelash extension is the traditional way , people should go to the salon and to do the work. Which is more professional and will get more natural effect according to customers’ natural lashes.

Usually, the lash artist will analysis customers’ natural lashes and make the reasonable lash mapping for them,so the traditional eyelash extension usually suitable for the daily life. And which also a lucky matter for the people whose natural lashes is week and light, they can get more volume and charming effect.

The process of whole eyelash extension will spend about 2~3 hours for once, but the effect will be kept longer, about for about 1 month. People just need to repair the lashes every 3~4 weeks will be okay, which is more stable and people can keep it easily , don’t need remove it every day. So the price of eyelash extension are usually more expensive.

individual lash
Compared with regular eyelash extension, firstly, the technology decide that Individual lashes can be DIY at home.Its root is wider can save much more glue, and also which can suitable for almost every eyes. Due to which can stick on the eyelid or natural lashes directly, so even your lashes is weak , you also can use it.
Individual lashes, also named segmented lashes, so it looks different from eyelash extension one by one , or only a fan. There are many different style about individual lashes can be choice, then effect is various , such as natural, or volume, or dramatic, can meet the different occasion.
Except DIY lashes, some people also can go to the salon to find this service. The lash artist usually is more professional after all. But if you want to DIY at home, it is indeed need to do more exercise then you can get the effect you want. For new bird, maybe need 40 mins, but if the experienced people, it is even finished for only 5 mins.
However, individual lashes can not keep so long as eyelash extension. Firstly, the glue will not as strong as the eyelash extension glue. Secondly, you must can recognize DIY lashes are not professional after all, so the technology usually is not very well, then the lashes maybe can not stay so well on your natural lashes or eyelid. Finally, if someone’s make-up is very dramatic , it must don’t want to keep it for a whole month. LOL. They want to the new look.

4. How should we choose the grafting way?

After we know the difference between eyelash extension and individual lashes, there are must some people wonder how to choose the best way to grafting? Sinolashes suggest that if you still cannot make sure what effect you want and do not very confident about your technology, you also can go to the salon and hear the professional advise by lash artist. The lash artists know how to keep your natural lashes healthy! Even we want to have beautiful look, but the health of the natural lashes is the most important we should care.

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