How to customize the lash products with your LOGO

How to customize the lash products with your LOGO

The false eyelashes business is already popular for many years, from the last century to this peaceful age, whatever is the any job or age of female also want to gain a charming look to let them looks more attractive .So the popular false eyelashes come to the first choice of the beautiful women. There are more and more business man discovered this chance and decided to develop their own brands. Especially ,since the e-commerce become more and more popular, there are many clients start to add the brand value to pronounce their own brand on the website.

So this article will help those new birds on the business filed to get their first own brand products,if you are one of them and have interests in it, let’s read this blog together!

What are the important factors do the people should notice when they develop lashes brand?

First and the important thing is the quality of the lashes! Whatever your price is so low, if the quality is bad, the lashes can not be used well when the people get them which equals waste the clients’ money. And you will only get one order from the customers, they will not buy from us again. So the quality is indeed very important!

Sinolashes realized this point since they start to establish the lash business, this is why we can run over 10 years and have good and stable order and feedback from our customer. We have our own 7 CA quality control recycle system which can make sure our quality is the leader on the market.

Secondly, now the social media is more and more popular than before, there are many info. are in our daily life, we will see many different and novel picture and video from the website. So which need us to choose and customize our packaging is very novel, exquisite, and attractive.

If you need, Sinolashes has our own design team, we can provide this service for you , design of packaging for you for free.

However, if the position of your own brand is very professional and luxury, I suggest that you can find a professional designer to design your packaging according to your logo, or company’s culture. Maybe this will be more expensive, but it is a cost thing from the long-term business. In another word , it is got done for once and forever. The value that the beautiful design come to you will beyond imagination.

Good Packaging recommendation:

And the good quality of the packaging is also one important factors of our products, which can have influence on the clients’ feeling when they get our products.

Now I will introduce some popular packaging material on the market for you reference.

1. Plastic case and Acrylic tray

This material is the most used, there are many customer choose them.

There are some popular styles I post here,almost of them is neat and can see the lashes inside very well. And easy to be tidy up.

Actually, there are more styles can be chosen, if you have any interests or demand, Sinolashes must can assist you with our rich experience.

How to customize the lash products with your LOGO
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 6

And especially, there is an Acrylic box here is good, many professional customer are using them right now.  Below info. will show the advantages of it.

  • Easy to tidy up and be stored, Box packagaings are consistent, there are type lables of every sides, no natter how you put it, you can find lashes you want easy.
  • saving the room of extension , you can choose the way of tidy up accoring to your mind.
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 7
  • when you put many boxes together, you still can draw out the type you need
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 4 1
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 8
  • Easy to see the lashes,overall transparent lash box luxury transparent material, four corners are rounded and anti-slip which can avoid fall off and scratched. Lashes in box are visible and easy to be stored.
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 2
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 9
  • No more glue plate to fix, you can use the lashes on the tray directly.
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO-3
How to customize the lash products with your LOGO 10

2. Carton Box

As we all know, now the People’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming higher and higher, and there are more and more environmentalists. There are also many environmentalists are engaged in lash business, usually they will choose the carton box~

Obviously, there are one of the carton box is environment~

Secondly, the various color and style can be chosen , people also can print the info. Or pattern they like on it, so it is easy to show the culture of your lash brand.

But compared with the plastic box, most of them cannot see inside. However, which also can be customized with transparent glass paper.

Except the above main info. are important, there are another details, like the sticker and outer packaging should be made sure. If you have any interests in developing own brand, you can contact our colleague , they will assist you directly!

Let’s begin, Lash lovers, welcome to join us!Start a day earlier, benefit a day earlier! If you need any assistance ,welcome to contact Sinolashes at any time!


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