About Easy Fan Volume

about easy fan volume

Be different from the start! Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty treatments in recent years.

Each of them wants to be beautiful and attractive, and the unique makeup circled by thick lashes definitely helps with that. You have noticed that there are many ways to lengthen your eyelashes. This can be a very subtle thickening or a significant stretch. In this case, the woman with the eyelashes is what matters. The main difference in this method is the number of lashes and the adhesion of natural lashes. There are many lengths and widths of lashes that can help you shape your client’s eyes. The most popular method in recent years is to increase the volume.This means that a few ultra-thin lashes stick to the natural kelp, creating a little fan. There are two different types of fans currently on the market. For inexperienced lash designers, they’re ready with a bunch of lashes that just stick to their natural lashes. The second option is to create your own followers.

This method is for stylists who are absolutely sure when it comes to using tweezers. If you’re deciding which method to choose, keep reading. Every lash stylist will surely remember when she first learned to sculpt classic lashes. The 1:1 method is the absolute basis for eyelash extension. This is a technique in which a synthetic lash is sculpted to a natural lash.An improvement in this technique, beautifully thickened eyelashes are formed without visible glue joints. The overall look is very subtle and should emphasize the wearer’s natural beauty.

Easy fan is easy to create fans or looking for a more affordable alternative pre-made fans.

One-second,Easy fan , Rapid blooming, Smart fans… All of these names are outputting one concept about easy fan to us : it is very easy to graft and do not need any professional technique, then allowing you to create the perfect fan within second. Very suitable for new lash artist and beginner to get volume lash by hand technique.

Besides, there are many lashes in a line, you can pick off them as many as you want ,3D, 4D, 5D, 6D… You do can get it if you want.

These lashes are the perfect way to create your own volume or mega volume fans while striking a balance between the convenience of pre-made fans & the affordability of easy fans. And there are many different styles you can create by it. Such as the below types. Which can use one easy fan lash suitable for many different occasions.

easy fan
easy fan 2

Made from the same high quality PBT fibers as our regular silk lashes, these quick volume lashes have a beautiful deep black look and a soft silky feel.

Most size we can providing , JC, C,CC, D and DD curls in 0.03, 0.05 & 0.07 diameters at factory price.Faux mink/silk volume eyelash extensions are high quality.

How to use easy fan?
Easy fan

Compared with ordinary lashes, easy fan lashes are easier to use ,because the lashes are scattered at the root and will not fall apart when they are connected.

Easy Fan Lashes’ unique lash bar prevents lashes from splitting at the roots, allowing you to create a Fan without having to fix the roots of your Lashes together yourself.

While these lashes are very useful, it still takes a technology to make the perfect fan.

You need to apply a certain amount of pressure with tweezers, control the width of the fan, and focus the force to pick up the required number of lashes to create a 2D to 10D volume fan.

Sometimes it can be tricky to lift the required number of lashes to make a fan containing the exact number of lashes (2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D,10D).

There are distinct advantage we have to say that is easy fan lashes’ unique lash bar prevents lashes from splitting at the roots, allowing you to create a fan without having to fix the roots of your Lashes together yourself. What is the difference between one second fan & pre-made fan?

First, we should discuss both the features of these two products, it is convenient let us to know the difference between them in-depth.

About pre-made fan, we can see now it is very popular in the market.However, at the beginning of false lashes developing ,it is not a good choice and effect of it is even bad.

First, they had very visible knots that more heavy that regular eyelash extension. There is a possible that detrimental to the growth of natural eyelashes.

Second, lashes with knot let them looked much artificial. And Rough workmanship also can affect the growth of eyelashes.

Third, the application scope is relatively narrow, it is more suitable for taking a photo, the effect is good, But hardly suitable for continuous use on a daily basis

But, now the developing of the false lashes field is very good these daystoday’s better quality and safer products are available on the market. Pre-made fans are no longer the exception now!

Compared with pre-made fan, Easy Fan Volume Lashes has become a new product in the field of eyelash expansion, you can create the perfect Fan quickly and easily. While simple, “easy scalloped lashes” aren’t always intuitive for new lash designers.Mastering volume technology is notoriously time consuming, difficult and frustrating.Basic classic eyelash training is sufficient, as the application and technique of the prefabricated fan is the same as classic 1:1, but with an asymmetrical and evenly spaced volume eyelash setting that even a well-trained eyelash technician cannot match.

Certainly, pre-made fan will always be as symmetrical and perfect, but the price is higher than easy fan.

By the way, a line of easy fan can make more blooming , and the pre-made fan can have many different styles.Anyway, most styles can be provided from Qingdao Sinolashes,you can choose which one do you prefer according to your demand.


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