Knowledge about color eyelash grafting

Knowledge about color eyelash grafting

Knowledge about color eyelash grafting

  • What is eyelash extension?

Eyelash grafting is to combine artificial eyelashes with real eyelashes through grafting to achieve the effects of extension, encryption, and curling, making the eyelashes more beautiful and dynamic.

  • Can everyone have eyelashes grafted?

In theory, eyelash grafting is suitable for everyone, but in fact, people with severe skin allergies, severely sparse eyelashes, etc., or those with eye diseases are not suitable for grafting, and children who are too young are not suitable for grafting; In addition, people with normal eyelash growth can be grafted, but there are skills in choosing the size of the grafted eyelashes.

  • If I want to graft, how do I choose?

The first thing to know about your eyelashes is: how curl, messy, length, dense enough, etc., and also outline a visual effect and tactile effect you want; if you can’t judge these conditions, you need an experienced Eyelash artist will help you introduce.

  1. If your own eyelashes are relatively sparse, then don’t graft the “explosive thick” shape, in order to avoid your real eyelashes can not bear the weight of the false eyelashes, but will cause the real eyelashes to lose weight after being overloaded.
  2. If your own eyelashes are not curled at all, don’t choose the “D curl” that is too curled (Barbie-like curling), because this will cause the grafted eyelashes to split, which will fall very quickly. If your own eyelashes are very curly, you can also not graft a too straight “J-roll” (very straight curl), it will also be easy to split ends and fall too fast. According to the condition of the eyelashes, try to choose a curl that matches the curl of your own eyelashes.
  3. If your skin is prone to allergies and want to graft, you must not choose irritating glue (detailed in the glue section below), even if you don’t directly touch the eyelids, the sensitivity of the eyeballs will still cause keratitis, eyelid redness, allergies, etc. due to the smell. Therefore, people who are prone to allergies must not pursue the grafting time for a long time, and the wrong choice of glue, so that the gain is not worth the loss.
  • What should the eyelash artist do during eyelash grafting? What should customers know?

The process of grafting eyelashes is relatively slow. The eyelash artist can use this time to tell customers how to take care of the eyelashes, some common problems of eyelashes grafting, and to ask customers whether they are irritating, whether they are uncomfortable, etc., and they must do a good job in serving customers; You can also ask where the grafting was done before, what the price is, and what is the effect, so that you can better position your store and have enough persuasiveness to explain why your old customers are.

As a consumer, when we are grafted, there will be many things that we don’t understand. We should communicate with eyelash artists as much as possible and ask as many questions as possible. This is a guarantee for ourselves and understands this beauty. Whether the professional knowledge of the eyelash shop is qualified, if the eyelash artist’s operation makes you very uncomfortable, you must promptly report it and do a simple inspection before handling it.

  • About colored eyelashes

Color eyelashes are divided into full-color and two-color, as well as glitter (with sequins) eyelashes.
Full color means that one eyelash is colored from start to end. Two-color eyelashes means that one eyelash has two colors, most of which are black at the root and colored on the upper part; sparkling eyelashes are the addition of sparkling powder crystals to the eyelashes, usually Used for stage costumes, because the powder is glued artificially, it will often fall off and easily get into the eyes, so it is not used as mainstream eyelashes.


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