7 Interesting And Fun Things About Eyelashes

7 Interesting And Fun Things About Eyelashes

7 Interesting And Fun Things About Eyelashes

What’s the matter with eyelashes?

Interestingly, eyelashes start to grow before we are born, so babies have eyelashes when they are born. Eyelashes are mainly composed of 97% keratin and 3% moisture. Keratin is a protein commonly found in hair, skin, nails, and natural silk. In the natural state, the eyelashes will not grow long after they grow to a certain extent and will fall off on their own. If the eyelashes are pulled out, it takes about seven to eight weeks to grow back. However, plucking the eyelashes continuously may cause permanent damage to the eyelash follicles and no longer grow eyelashes. Eyelashes have a growth cycle. About every 150 days, our eyelashes will fall off and grow again.

What's the matter with eyelashes

On average, humans have 90 to 150 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and about 70 to 80 eyelashes on the lower eyelid. It will shed 1-5 eyelashes every day. The number of eyelashes varies from person to person depending on many reasons including genetic factors, nutritional conditions, health conditions and personal maintenance. Teenagers naturally have longer and fuller eyelashes than mature adults. Their regeneration period is also shorter.

What are the effects of eyelashes?

We, including many mammals and birds, have evolved eyelashes that extend beyond the eye sockets (cold-blooded animals do not have eyelashes). Its main physiological function is to protect precious eyes. The camel, known as the ship of the desert, mainly relies on long eyelashes and thick eyelids to resist the wind, sand and scorching sun. The important functions of human eyelashes include reducing the evaporation of moisture in the eyes (according to estimates, it can reduce evaporation by up to 50%). The mechanism is that the eyelashes will form a diversion barrier to pick up the airflow to the eye and reduce it. The ability of airflow to directly below the eyes, so it can effectively suppress dry eyes. There are still a lot of dust particles in the air, and the dust particles are also contaminated with many curable bacteria, and the barrier formed by the eyelashes can also screen out. Eyelashes can also block the direct stimulation of sunlight on the eyeballs. Eyelashes are sensitive and can feel external pressure or touch changes. Therefore, when foreign objects (such as sweat) approach, they can quickly close the eyelids and protect the eyes (you can gently use clean fingers) Get close to the eyelashes and feel this protective effect). It can be seen that eyelashes are really beautiful and practical.

Camel's long eyelashes are used to resist wind and sand
Camel’s long eyelashes are used to resist wind and sand

How long are the right eyelashes?

How long are the eyelashes to have the best effect in reducing evaporation and filtering? Scientists have observed many animals, from hedgehogs to giraffes, and found that at least 22 species of mammals have eyelashes that are one-third the width of their eyes. Humans should also follow this one-third rule. At least, in reality, we all have noticed the fact that people with larger eyes have longer eyelashes.

How long is the right eyelashes

Why is this ratio of one-third?

Scientists use a small plate filled with water and a plastic strip that simulates eyelashes to make an eye model and use a micro fan to provide airflow. Then adjust the different lengths of the plastic strips to measure the evaporation of water in the small plates and the number of particles falling into the small plates. The verification found that when the length of the plastic strip is one-third of the width of the small plate, the amount of evaporation and the number of reduced particles are close to the maximum. If the length of the plastic strip is too long, the gap is too large to achieve drainage and barrier effects.

Why do women like long eyelashes?

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains of this window. Although it sounds very “wending”, it is really a more appropriate metaphor. Regardless of ancient, modern, and foreign, long eyelashes and big eyes will be used as a measure of, particularly beautiful femininity. For example, they are all mouse cartoons. You can think that drawing Mickey Mouse with long and curled eyelashes will immediately become Minnie Mouse.

Mickey Mouse with long and curled eyelashes
Mickey Mouse with long and curled eyelashes

Women with long eyelashes are indeed more beautiful, so the length of eyelashes has become one of the indicators of sexual choice. Why is this so? First, eyelashes are a sign of health. Long eyelashes mean that a person is well-nourished and well-developed. Some diseases, such as malaria and tonsil diseases, can cause eyelashes to fall off. In ancient Rome, women’s long eyelashes were used as a symbol of chastity. Although this is nonsense, it is based on observations of facts, such as syphilis. Take off the hair. Secondly, the eyes are as big as they are born, while the face grows up as a person grows. Human instincts are particularly fond of pitying infants and young children. This is an instinct to protect the genes of one’s own species from being passed down. An important feature of infants and young children is that the eyes occupy a huge proportion of the face. Therefore, big eyes represent a kind of continuation of youth, and long eyelashes will extend the outer contour of the eye, making the eyes appear bigger, so long eyelashes that can be fanned out with one opening and one lash means health, youth, and beauty. This also explains why the length of eyelashes growth has nothing to do with gender, but the mainstream men do not pursue long eyelashes: because culture and concepts have made long eyelashes a prominent feature of the female body.

Does growing extra-long eyelashes take advantage of life?

Long eyelashes are beautiful even if they are not practical enough. In reality, we will also find that some people have longer eyelashes than others, and it feels like they have taken a lot of money in life. But why are there more long eyelashes than most people? Studies have found that many congenital syndromes can stimulate hair growth and lead to extra-long eyelashes. For example, Cornelia de Lange syndrome and Oliver-McFarlane syndrome can lead to extremely long eyelashes.

So, are there any cases where there are no symptoms and long eyelashes? Although extremely rare, it does exist because of a mutation in a gene called FGF5. FGF stands for Fibroblast Growth Factor, which is a protein that prevents too much hair from growing, and FGF5 controls the expression of the gene that produces such a protein. If the FGF5 gene is silent, long hair will grow, including eyelashes. Some people inherit the silent FGF5 gene expression from their parents, and they will also grow extra-long eyelashes congenitally. But regardless of the GFG5 mutation, or from the parents, these situations are very rare.

Under natural conditions, the length of a person’s eyelashes will not change much, but some patients will have the side effect of eyelashes lengthening after taking drugs, such as latanoprost for glaucoma patients and latanoprost for lung cancer patients. Erlotinib, these drugs can stimulate hair follicle cells, prolong their growth cycle, and can cause longer eyelashes. Therefore, the eyelashes are too long, or they are suffering from specific congenital diseases, or are being treated for the disease, and generally cannot be regarded as a very healthy indicator.

The revival of eyelash extensions
All kinds of false eyelashes appear on the market one after another. Not only are there many styles, but also the colors are dazzling. Many people can choose to graft their own eyelashes according to the state, quantity, and texture of their own eyelashes. The styling time is long, and you can maintain thick eyelashes early in the morning. It is also very suitable for people who are too lazy to make up and go out directly. Finally, I want to say that it is very important that you choose the right eyelash artist for this kind of product, and it is more important to choose the right product.

Eyelash artist is grafting eyelashes for clients
Eyelash artist is grafting eyelashes for clients

What do you need to know about us?

The false eyelash products are cumbersome, but we still insist on choosing multiple processes to manufacture higher-quality products.

The processing process of false eyelashes includes the following steps:

a. Dry raw materials at 130°c;

b. The raw materials are heated to 240~300°c;

c. Extruded by extruder;

d. Spray out through the special-shaped hole of the spinneret;

e. Cooling and forming into the pool;

f. Pull to the required specifications and strength by the drafting machine;

g. Winding into bundles;

h. Cut off;

i. Put it in the sharpening pool;

j. Adding a caustic soda aqueous solution with a temperature of 130°C corrodes the hair peak;

k. Clean the excess by-products;

l. Load dyeing machine for dyeing;

m. Dehydration;

n. Drying;

o, grooming.

Rich product range, insist on choosing higher-quality raw materials
The product range is complete, and the audience area is wide. Real mink lashes, faux mink differ in materials, 3d, 5d lashes in different multilayers, 20mm, 25mm lashes bulk, eyelash extensions,with flat, rapid blooming, classic single,pre-fanned, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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