What will be the demand and development direction of false eyelash products during the COVID-19?

What will be the demand and development direction of false eyelash products during the COVID-19?

What will be the demand and development direction of false eyelash products during the COVID-19?

Now is the era of economic globalization, and it is also the era when all industries want to highlight sustainable development. If you are in business and you want to seek development in your own industry, if you have your own factory, in the beauty industry, and run your own false eyelashes business, even though you are only a small business or just an ordinary buyer, under the current epidemic, it is indispensable for everyone to have their own strategies. in this post, I will take the false eyelash products as the basis for how to develop faster and more effectively during the epidemic, and provide suggestions for your reference only.

mink lashes during the COVID

What are false eyelashes and the origin of false eyelashes?

False eyelashes or artificial eyelashes area unit artificial eyelashes accustomed to beautify the eyes. Generally, the eyelashes area unit extended and thickened to create the eyes look larger, brighter, fuller, and a lot of energetic. False eyelashes have an extended history. As early as

2000 before Christ, the records of false eyelashes are often found in ancient Egyptian and Roman literature. The materials accustomed to build false eyelashes embrace plastic, cotton, feathers, and different materials. With the employment of various materials to create false eyelashes, the results (such as exaggerated stage effects) are totally different. Artificial eyelashes were particularly widespread within us within the Sixties. After that, the craze fell sharply, and by the tip of the 2000s, it had been revived everywhere on the planet.

false eyelash products during the COVID

Under the current background, how can false eyelash products be better developed?

Eyelash extensions during the COVID


What eyelash products are currently more popular and create greater benefits for you?

There is a wide range of false eyelashes, but it is best to find products that fit the current economic benefits and the choices of the masses. Eyelash extension is more in line with women’s aesthetic characteristics, dense, beautiful, and generous, with various styles, keeping up with fashion trends, wearing them more natural and lasting for up to 8-10 weeks, and the natural shedding will not affect the original eyelashes. A category of products with a relatively good audience area in the false eyelash industry.

Where to find a manufacturer of such eyelash products?

Choose the right manufacturer to have the right product. No matter where it is produced, professionalism is the first, integrity is the driving force for cooperation, perfect the company’s product industry chain, increase mutual trust, and manufacturers have enough professional equipment, constantly updated machinery Production capacity is also indispensable.

The global false eyelashes market is subdivided into?

Pharmacies, supermarkets, specialty retailers, Internet sales. In view of different false eyelashes market environment, choose different marketing strategies, formulate a more comprehensive selection direction of eyelash products, specialize in one item, mainly assist the rest.

False eyelashes have a lot of room to rise and need to be continuously injected

We will continue to improve the quality of our products, while focusing on the improvement of product raw materials, we will ensure that the product recipients get increasingly perfect products. Chinese old saying that the customer is God, always thinking from the perspective of the customer, including the choice of product samples, what kind of packaging to ensure minimal damage and best no damage, and what kind of logistics is suitable for the local country for the most convenient pick-up and inspection Goods, whether the delivery time of bulk goods is reasonable, will all be explained to customers clearly.

Eyelash packaging methods, logo customization, and samples

You can choose any packaging method to customize the logo you want for customers, including but not limited to our own products. At the same time, manufacturers or individuals are warmly welcome to choose the samples they want before buying bulk goods, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want bulk goods in the end.

Eyelashes SCP analysis

The eyelash industry is developing rapidly and has good prospects. Both online and offline are full of vitality. The people who are suitable for eyelashes in different countries will be different, and the correct positioning is the premise. As a daily consumable, eyelashes are used by women on a very large base, and of course, they have become a necessity for most contemporary women. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty, which has been the case since ancient times. Of course, men are not excluded. Choosing a stable production market, investment scale, manpower, and material resources will inevitably obtain the corresponding consumers. Economic benefits play an important role in today’s society. Buying eyelashes is a means of consumption as well as a means of investing in oneself. Different industries have different requirements for economies of scale, so they have different market structure characteristics. The relationship between market competition and economies of scale determines the degree of concentration of an industry, and the degree of industrial concentration is the inevitable result of enterprises pursuing economies of scale in market competition. Once an enterprise forms a monopoly on the basis of economies of scale, it will

make full use of its monopoly position to conspire with other monopolists to limit output and increase prices to obtain excess profits. At the same time, monopolists in the industry have long-term excess profits by building barriers to entry. The rise of false eyelashes started a long time ago. Now in the Internet age, everyone’s purchasing power has not weakened. For products of different natures and consumer groups with characteristics, it is correct to choose what you like.

hybrid lash extensions


What products can I get from your company?

In general, our company produces eyelash products and eyelash-related auxiliary products. Including eyelash extensions, such as hybrid lash extensions, a mix of classic (single), Russian volume lashes(2D-5D), easy fan, mega volume lashes(5D-16D), pre-made fan, and so on. Strip lashes, such as synthetic lashes, mink lashes, faux lashes, human hair, and so on. In addition, we also have eyelash curling kits. Glue unloading paste and tools for eyelash extension, such as tweezers, glass glue table, cotton swab, lip brush, eye patch, tape, and others.

May I have a look at your catalog?

Welcome to check the catalog of our company’s products anytime!

How long does your shipment usually take?

Generally based on the number of products ordered and the country of export.

How to control quality?

First, all the raw materials by IQC(Incoming Quality Control)before launch the whole process into process after the screening. Second, process each link in the process of IPQC (Input process quality control)patrol inspection. Third, after finished by QC full inspection before packing into the next process packaging. Last, OQC before shipment for each slipper to do a full inspection, please check this link for our QC process.

How long can I expect to get the sample?

The samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5days. The samples will be sent via international express such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and would be arrived within 3-5 days.

About the product’s final price?

The price is negotiable. It could be changed according to your quantity or packaging.

How to choose styles?

Please contact us, we will send you all our product catalogs.


The false eyelash industry is a product of adapting to economic globalization. In the current society, most people will be exposed to this industry or have a more or less understanding of this industry. If you are interested in it, you may wish to give it a try. Leave what you want to say to us, maybe your current state is that you don’t know anything about the industry and ambiguous, maybe you are also the woman or man who has never tried to wear false eyelashes. Nevertheless, you should have confidence in yourself and learn to understand slowly. Maybe you are currently a person who does not know what business you are engaged in, maybe you have your own products, and you are an ordinary buyer, but it’s okay. I hope you can get some useful information for yourself from this article. Our company Lashes colors is your one-stop eyelash wholesaler & eyelash extension manufacturer with customization capabilities has been offering OEM/ODM services for brand owners, wholesalers, and new entrants since 2011. Including products, logistics, packaging, samples, product catalogs, if you have anything you want to know, just ask us, we will give you the answer you want in detail at the first time. You can also forward this article to let more people know about our industry. If you want to know more, please send us an inquiry, we are online 24 hours a day. We are willing to be friends with any of you. In the 21st century, China will be more

advanced, and the world in the 21st century will move towards a broader, boundless tomorrow full of infinite vitality and vitality. Sincerely thank you for reading this article. The above are just some personal opinions, welcome to discuss. Finally, please protect your family, friends, and yourself from COVID-19.


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