How To Remove The Eyelash Extensions-For Lash Artists

How To Remove The Eyelash Extensions-For Lash Artists

How To Remove The Eyelash Extensions-For Lash Artists

As we all know that, when you just finished the eyelashes extension, your lashes look very beautiful! However, as the natural lashes grow up, past about 1 month, there are some new natural lashes coming cause some grafting eyelashes fall down. And there are also some lashes will grow up to different direction so that let the grafting lashes not beautiful like before anymore.
So we need to go to the beauty salon and let our lash artist tidy up our old lashes and grafting new lashes at that time. And in order to avoid that grafting lashes with the dirty and oil old eyelashes directly cause the eyes irritating, the first important thing that we should remove our old grafted lashes and keep the eyelashes clean.
Now in order to help our new lash artist to know this procedure clearly and also give a new correct hint to them, we summarize the below questions for our lash artist reference:

First, let us get to know the procedure of grafting lashes:

When a customer comes to our salon, they wearing the old grafting lashes generally. So this means that the first step we graft a new eyelash extension to them is to remove the old lashes with lash glue remover to get the room for the new lashes.
And then we can use a cleanser or something else to remove the dirt or oil of our lashes, grafting lashes normally, and reinforce the lashes. Until now, the whole procedure of grafting lashes is over.
Certainly, sometimes, our customer doesn’t like their eyelash extension anymore and want to keep their own natural lashes again. Now we also will use lash glue remover to finish their wishes. So that we can say remove lashes with remover is the first step for grafting lashes, also is the final step.
Several kinds of professional lash extension glue remover.
There are two better choices of lashes that one is a gel, another one is cream. We don’t introduce liquid remover now.

Gel Remover:

Lash glue gel remover is very popular in the market , it is usually used to remove the single lashes or partial eyelash extensions. Which can remove the lashes carefully and cleaner. On the other hand, if the customer comes to a beauty salon to repair some dropping lashes, now the gel remover is a good choice that lash artist can remove and graft several lashes only then can get a beautiful effect again! Which can save the time of grafting immensely.

Before you use gel remover, it is better that you shake the bottle of it well so that the gel can be uniform mixing, and then you will get a better effect of removing.
And then let the gel remover stay on the eyelashes extension for about 3~5 min before you remove the grafted lashes.

Cream Remover:

Applying cream remover to remove the eyelash extensions, is a more safe the convenient way. We usually use cream remover to remove the entire lash extensions. The character of cream remover is thick which can not come into eyes easily and easier to apply and stay on the eyelashes very well.
Cream remover is popular in the market right now. We suggest that the lash artist can use gel remover and cream remover together, they can get the better-removing result!
After using the remover, just remember to close the lips tightly. If not, the rest remover contact with air will let the effect of it down, maybe will contaminate the rest of remover also.

How to use eyelash glue remover?

The below tips only using for eyelash glue gel remover and cream remover at present.
Step 1: Prepare both eyelash glue gel remover and cream remover in your hand.

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Step 2: Using one pair of eyelash patches or cotton pads on your lower lashes which can prevent your eyes and skin from the irritant feelings. The skin around the eyes is very soft and thin, so this step is a necessary procedure to protect ourselves well.

eyelash cotton pads
Step3: Take out some eyelash remover on your cotton swab once, or put them on disposable pads, then you can pick them up as you want and will not contaminate the rest cream. Or else, if you buy eyelash remover with our package, which will keep the cream or gel clean and don’t have this problem.

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Step 4: Then you can apply the lash glue remover on the lash extensions through a micro swab.If the remover in clients’ eyes for whatever reason, then you should rinse the eye with saline solution or the water directly.

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Step5: Waiting for about 3~5 min, according to whether the eyelashes extension of the customer is hard to remove to make a decision for spending how much time.

Step6: Pick off the grafted lashes with cotton swabs or tweezers. Just be careful, don’t let our customers feel uncomfortable with great strength.

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Step7: If there are some eyelash extensions that grafting with more glue and are very hard to remove cleanly with cream remover totally, then you can pick up some gel remover to drop it off again carefully.

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Step8: Using a new lint-free swab to clean up the remaining eyelash adhesive remover on your natural lashes.

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Step9: Cleaning your eyelashes totally with wet tissues or the cotton pad soaking in water to clean them.
The cleaning step after using remover is a very big matter, especially when you want to graft new lashes. Because there are maybe some residue of old lashes around eyes if you don’t clean them well, which will behave bad influence on your next grafting work.

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Step 10: Finally, let the natural lashes dried totally with a mini-fan or other tools then you can graft lashes!

And there is something we summarized for removing eyelash extension:
1. Eyelash extension glue remover gel or cream
2. Eyelash pads
3. Eyelash Tweezers
4. Cotton swabs
5. Micro brush
6. Wet tissues or wet cotton pads
7. Mini-fan or any other tools can let the lashes dried fast.
8. The final and most important matter, a professional lash artist!LOL!

Is it safe that we remove eyelash extension with remover by ourselves at home?
After you read the below steps, you can get an obvious answer. NO, IT IS NOT SAFE.

You can see many different methods or blogs from Youtube, Facebook, or other social media, to teach you how to remove the eyelash extension at home, not going to the beauty salon. But this is really misleading in fact if there are no professional to assist you to remove which will be a very big risk to hurt yourself and cannot clean up eyelash extension well. Don’t try it on yourself!!
Will lash glue remover have any damage on our natural lashes?
Nope, it will not have any damage on our natural lashes, if your lash artist is very professionals and have rich experience on the lash extensions, you even cannot when the old lashes are picked off with remover. Removing with lash glue remover is a very comfortable thing.
This not only can remove the old eyelashes, but also can clean the dirt or oil of your old lashes, so this is a very comfortable process and can relieve your clients’ eyes very well.
If you do not want to graft lash again, What should we do after removing our eyelash extension?
The main composition of our lashes is Keratin, which can keep our lashes be elastic and gloss. Even that the lash glue remover has no bad effect on our lashes, but which is also a process that lets an epidermal layer of our eyelashes opening, so after we do the eyelashes remove or eyelash extension or lash lifting, any other work on lashes. It is better that we can apply some keratin booster or other nutrition on our lashes to keep it be elastic and wet. Which will let our eyes look more beautiful!! So, fellows, don’t forget to maintain~
Finally, happy lashing to everyone!


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