What You Should Know About Lash Foundation and Volume Fan Tech

Classic one by one lash extension

What You Should Know About Lash Foundation and Volume Fan Tech

Nature wisely took care of our eyes providing them not only with eyelids but also with eyelashes. They protect our eyes from moisture, dust, moisture, and other contaminants. Hair that grows on the upper and lower eyelids differ in length – at the top, they are usually longer and grow thicker, in 3-4 rows. There are usually 150 to 250 eyelashes here and 50 to 150 eyelashes on the lower one, Let us explore more about lash foundation:

How’s Process of Eyelashes Growth and Fall Out?

Each hair consists of a root and a rod. Cells of which are identical to the skin epidermis and consist of keratin. The root of the cilia is a hair follicle in the subcutaneous layer or dermis. The cells of the hair follicle are divided, allowing the eyelash to grow. The root is fed from the hair follicle. The hair bulb is surrounded by a follicle in the bottom of which the skin papilla is embedded. Through it, the eyelash receives nutrition and oxygen. A bundle of smooth muscle is attached to the bulb to lift/lower the hairs. Closer to the surface of the skin are
2-3 sebaceous glands for lubricating lashes.

  • The rod is the visible part of the eyelash.
  • The core is a substance consisting of keratin.
  •  The cortical layer covers 90% of the hair area. It consists of keratinized cells’ give strength.
  •  Cuticle – 5-10 thin layers of cells that cover the hair like a tile. The cuticle protects eyelashes from harmful effects and also gives them strength.

Lash Foundation

Eyelashes are transformed into the body’s metabolism and there is a process of growth and fall. In general, the self-growth cycle of eyelashes is about 28 days. When a part of eyelashes fell off, new eyelashes will grow out. So when the lash artist makes eyelash extensions for customers, it is better to choose strong eyelashes and try to avoid eyelashes in the shedding period.

What is The Difference Between Classic and Volume?

Classic eyelash extension includes a smooth transition from a shorter length on the inner comer to a longer length on the outer corner. Many customers prefer this type of eyelash extension for its naturalness – these lashes are as similar to natural as possible and are appropriate in any situation. The setting is made 1vs1 – each native eyelash is increased by one artificial eyelash. This type of build-up is called the lasso. Look carefully at the eyes of your client, perhaps it will be enough for her to increase only the longest eyelashes in the central part of the eye.

Classic one by one lash extension
Volume extension is made of fans from two (2D), three (3D), four (4D)eyelashes and so on. At the same time, the number of eyelashes of the customer increases, the eyes become brighter and more expressive. The Volume fan can be grafted directly with a pre-made fan, or regular volume lashes, even rapid blooming lashes.

Volume lash extension(5D)

How to Choose The Best Way to Make a Volume Extension With Different Lashes?

  • Pre-made fan lashes: the lash artist can make volume lashes directly, because of its direct premade feature. It does not need to prepare for the fan when grafting, it is suitable for beginner lash artist and saves time. For the customer who wanted to make a volume fan with multiple sizes, it asks the lash salon to prepare comprehensive kinds of pre-made fan.
  • Super mink volume lashes: normally, the thickness of volume lashes are 0.03mm,0.05mm and 0.07mm, 0.03mm is also called mega volume by some brands. These types of lashes can be made fan for different “D”, 0.03mm even can be made to 20D at most. This product is suitable for skilled lash artists, with the corresponding fan techniques.
  • Rapid blooming lashes, as known as easy fan lashes: It can be made fan within 1-2 seconds, and do not need lash fan techniques. Easy use for lash beginner and the lash artist who wants to make different “D” with just a tray of lashes.

The key to a perfect volume set is perfect fans. Each “D” needs to be a certain size in width in order to look neat and balanced. Wider fans will result in a less dense set compared to narrow fans.


  • STEP 1 Count the number of lashes needed on the strip, isolate them carefully, then grip them firmly in your tweezer. Gently remove them from the lash strip by pulling them up and towards yourself.
  • STEP 2 Grip the very base of the lashes (1- 2MM) firmly between your thumb and index fingers. Focus on pointing your fingers directly towards yourself.
  • STEP 3 Whilst keeping a firm grip, roll the lash every gently until they start to spread out. Be careful not to over-roll (he lashes as this could cause the base to split or cross over. You may also use your tweezers to guide the lashes into a uniform tan.
  • STEP 4 Once the perfect tan has been created, use your curved tweezer to pick up the fan from your fingers. A firm grip will ensure that the lashes in the Ian will stay.


FAN PERFECTION Each mega volume fan that is produced must be even and consistent, with the technician striving for perfection in every fan that is created and applied.
CHOOSING THE CORRECT FAN -The creation of the correct tan is paramount when deciding the look that you want to achieve.
Narrow fans are suitable for clients with lots of natural lashes, to make fan-create a dense dark look and a uniformed strip lash look.
Wide fans are suitable for clients with sparse natural lashes where coverage is required, to create a flu filer softer look and a textured messy look.

CORRECT GLUE DIPPING TECHNIQUE: Glue dipping your tan is nothing like classic lash glue dipping. We must have perfect control over the tan at all times and dip into the glue by 1mm only. The extreme opening time of glue is generally 45 minutes. As time goes by, the components in the glue will interact with the water vapor in the air to solidify. When we dispense glue, the glue will form a hemispherical shape, the freshest part of adhesive remained on the top of your adhesive, never the sides, so please use the top part of glue and keep consistency the thinnest. Please always change your adhesive by dispensing a brand-new fresh amount, every 15-20 minutes.

Lash styles
Classic(natural) effect-The effect of opening eyes, which does not weigh the corners of the eyes. The external corner is 5-7mm from the edge, a smooth increase in the direction of the main length, usually to 11/12mm. The greatest length from the middle of the eye to the site(5-7mm) from the middle toward the inner corner is the smooth reduction in equal parts.

classic effect

The cat(fox) is a lengthening effect that may weigh on the outer corner of the eye. The external angle is 3mm to the longer length to reduce it. The eye is divided into 8 equal parts without taking into account the outer corner, the increase is distributed from the smallest to the largest.

the fox(cat)

Squirrel effect-the longest is located from the inner corner of the eye to the center, sharply reducing to the outer corner, generally the lengths from 6mm-13mm.

Squirrel effect

The doll(cute) effect-It differs with the almost identical length of eyelashes along the entire growth line. To both corners, the length gradually decreases.

doll effect

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