What makes Lash Lifting Different from Eyelash Extensions and Perming Lashes?

What makes Lash Lifting Different from Eyelash Extensions and Perming Lashes

What Makes Lash Lifting Different From Eyelash Extensions And Perming Lashes?

Although lash is a small part of your face, it still has a big influence on your face beauty.
Short, weak, and light colors, all these parts can let your eyes look small and sunken. However, if your lash is black, volume and long which can let your eye looks bigger and more bright, taking beauty and youth for your face.
This is why people always looking for new technology to make your lash more beautiful. Nowadays, there are more and more beauty salons and spa centers providing 3 main Eyelash enhancement techniques: LASH LIFTING, PERMING LASH, and EYELASH EXTENSION. While all of them have lash in their name, but they are very different. The similar and different point of them are as follows:

What’s the technique Lash Lifting VS Eyelash Extensions VS Perming Lashes? 

When we comparing these three different lash enhance technique, the first thing that we should consider that how is them achieved.
EYELASH EXTENSION needs to use eyelash glue which is a medical-grade adhesive to bind tiny hairs to your existing natural lashes. The first time when you graft eyelashes, it needs about two hours to do it. And if you want to keep the new look long time, it will need to be checked for about three or four weeks and to replenish your eyelashes.

How long does a lash lift last? Comparing with EYELASH EXTENSION, the PERMING LASH will use less time, it will be faster. First of all, they apply a chemical similar to a perming hair chemical. Second, they wipe your natural lashes on a rob then apply them catalyze. It will take about 45 min for the whole procedure.

And as for the LASH LIFTING, which is similar to PERMING LASH. However, the biggest difference between them that you can customize more curl, and the chemical will softer, can be only used at the root of lashes. Besides, LASH LIFTING will not wipe your lashes on a rob. There are several different sizes for your choice which is selected by professional technology so that can be more joint eyelash and let new look naturally.

The whole procedure of LASH LIFTING is softer and light so that you can choose whether to mascara your lashes to let you’re new look more perfect. Generally, it will need 45min to 1 hour to apply LASH LIFTING and it will be decided by your complexion.
Anyway, the goal of LASH LIFTING and PERMING LASH is the same essentially: let your lashes curl with a chemical method. Although these two terms can be used interchangeably, they are actually two different things based on technique. In a word, some professionals raise that we can say that LASH LIFTING is a new version of PERMING LASH with better technology and recipe. However, different brands of LASH LIFTING also will have different recipes, so the effect and chemical will also different. It is better that do research first and have good communication with the beauty salon in advance.

What’s the effect of Lash Lifting vs Eyelash Extensions vs Perming Lashes?

We can expect that there are three different results based on three different methods.
About EYELASH EXTENSION, there is high-value customization, if you’d like to graft feathers or paper lashes to your lashes, it is available. If you only want to make your natural lashes longer and more volume, eyelashes extension also can assist you to get the effect like that, too. EYELASH EXTENSIONS can achieve highly customized in color, length, thickness and curl and style.
The other one is PERMING LASH which can achieve a customized spectrum. One of their shortness that which only can achieve one size curl, is generally called “doll-like”.
Regarding the technology of LASH LIFTING, this is a moderate selection, the degree of curl is based on your lash and face which can get the effect is more natural, and there is no strong sign of artificial enhancement.

lash lift before and after

What’s the points and weakness of lash lifts?

All the technology we mentioned is safe and effective, all of them can let your lashes more beautiful and highlight.

Like most products, safe products are only safe. However, which doesn’t mean that it is suitable for you. Everything has its own advantage and disadvantage.

For eyelashes extension, in professionals’ view that EYELASH EXTENSION is high-value customization that can change your lash look dramatically or can be used more skillfully. The shortness of it is it will take more time and you cannot apply oily cosmetics around your eyes. And you need to go to a beauty salon to repair your new lashes every two or three weeks. If you missed an appointment to repair lashes, it is not a big deal. However, it is indeed need you to spend more time and money to do it.

And PERMING LASH is another matter. Permed lashes can be kept for 12 weeks and you don’t need to maintain them always. PERMING LASH also is the cheapest among three different lash enhancement. Due to the technology is older than the other two skill, many beauty salon and spa center providing the related service of it, and there are more professionals have experience of it. However, there are many people found that their lashes are shorter or tighter after PERMING LASHES so that cannot achieve the lash more beautiful. And just like perming hair, if the technique of perming is not correct or the perming chemical stays a long time on your lashes. Your lashes are easier to become weaker or be burnt.

LASH LIFTING is the latest technology compared with EYELASH EXTENSION and PERMING LASH. Which can bring some of the customizations of the lash extension to the light maintenance of a perm. However, it is unlike the PERMING LASHES, LASH LIFTING using lighter chemicals and which can be only used at the root of lashes. It can protect the weak tip of the lash and prevent the lash from burning. LASH LIFTING can be kept for 12 weeks, you can just like you do with your daily make-up.

Do eyelash perms or LASH LIFTING will damage your eyelashes?

There are professionals point that if you use chemical on your lashes, it will behave some change of lashes texture, even fall off. If the time of PERMING LASH is long it will be damage lashes in some way. Now you must only want to do perm lashes by a lash artist who is more experienced, more scrupulous, or more familiar with the lash knowledge. It is a perfect understanding. However, your natural lashes also will fall off in a while. This is the growth rule of lashes. So that even you did the professional LASH LIFTING already, you also can notice that the lashes will fall off and grow like it in your daily life. So that the LASH LIFTING will continue the growth date of your natural lashes. As the mature lashes fall off and new lash grows, then you can see that the effect of LASH LIFTING will reduce.

Whether we can put mascara on an eyelash perm?

Yes, you can put mascara on your permed lashes, it will be okay after 24 hours. However, if you permed lashes just now and not over 24 hours, it is absolute will not be suggested. On the first day after perming eyelashes, it will be better that you avoid make-up and massage your eyelashes, even try to lie down flatly when you asleep, due to your lashes is a weakness at that time. Besides, perming eyelashes couldn’t be wet within 24 hours so that it is better than avoiding swimming, Sauna, swimming, sweating, eye beauty, or facial treatments around your eyes.

Effect of LASH LIFTS with mascara

So now there you have it, three different techniques to enhancing your lashes, and lash lift are more cost-effective and long permanent with damage to your natural eyelashes. You can read this useful article to know how to using lash lifting step by step, hope it will give you more reference about it.

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