The Flat Eyelash Extensions Definition Guide in 2021

flat lash round lash

The Flat Eyelash Extensions Definition Guide in 2021

Ellipse flat lash with a flatter base has many advantages. Let’s go through this blog.

What are flat lash extensions?

The concept of ellipse flat lash extensions is got from comparing with the earliest and most classic round lash. Ellipse means oval and is indicative of the shape, which the base of lash extension possesses. Instead of the original round, circle base, like a normal classic individual lash, the ellipse flat lash has a flatter, oval base.

What is the difference between ellipse flat lash and classic lash?

Lash artists can make a wide range of lash styles with its wide selection of curls, thickness, and length.
As the name suggests, the difference between the regular lashes used for classic lashes and flat lashes is the base. The root base of flat lashes is flat, which makes the flat lash soft and lighter than the classic one. Although the names of the two lash extensions’ thicknesses are almost the same, like 0.10mm, 0.15mm,0.20mm, it is important to know that their thickness standards are different.

What is the difference between ellipse flat lash and classic lash

Please see the picture, the same thickness of round lash and flat lash 0.15mm, it is the round lash’s diameter, and for flat lash, thickness is the length of the longer part of the oval base. Due to this, the same thickness of flat lash is lighter than round lash, its weight is about 1/3 of the round lash. This feature makes it appear thicker and volume effect when grafting. The cross-section of the flat lash is also a flat shape, it provides more contact surface between people’s natural lash and false eyelash extension. It makes long-lasting lash retention than classic individual lashes. Glue flows naturally into the groove, enhancing the combination of false lash extensions and natural lashes. Flat lash has many other names, like ellipse lashes, cashmere lashes, each country has different naming rules, so different countries call it their habits.

In addition to the different bases of the two, the most popular flat lash in the market is double tips. Compared with the single tip round lash or the primate single flat lash, ellipse lash with double tips are softer and volume, which is welcomed by lash artists.

flat lash with double tips

Are flat lashes better than other lash extensions style?

Flat lashes are great for classic lash style, which is perfect if you want fuller-looking lashes without adding weight to natural lashes.
We highly recommend you using flat lashes for clients with weak natural lashes, they can still get the perfect, full look without our damaging their natural lashes.
Also, for lash artists, flat lashes take less time to graft for clients, lash retention and stability are outstanding.

Benefits of flat lashes?

Flat lash has its own unique advantages in both the product itself and the grafting usage, the larger surface area to adhere tightly and receive lash artists’ time.

  • Enhance retention – more of the flat lash extensions adhered to the natural lash. They adhere better to the client’s natural lash, lasting longer than other styles.
  • Less flat lashes make a volume effect, decreasing the burden on the natural lash.
  • Perfect to add extra texture and ‘fluffiness’, most flat lashes are matte.
  • No damage on natural lashes, clients that have weaker lashes can have a flat lash applied without any damage to natural lashes.
  • You don’t need any extra glue, the contact area between the flat lash and natural lash is larger.

How to apply flat lashes?

For classic round lashes, the lash artists can graft at the top/bottom/left/right of natural lashes. When the lash artist uses flat lashes, we suggest grafting at the top/bottom of natural lashes.
Because of flat lashes’ large contact surface with adhesive, it is simple to adhere to.  And it is easier to graft, the oval base is very stable.
The below picture is classic style with flat lashes,0.15mm thickness, C curl, 12mm length, about 90 roots. If the clients want to get this effect with the individual round lash, it may need 120 roots.
Generally, we think that graft with flat lash is no burden, it is also the reason that popular in the lash industry.

graft with flat lash is no burden

How about the specific category of the flat lash?

Divided according to the tip of flat lashes, there are one tip flat lashes and double tips flat lashes. Double tips flat lash is also named split tips flat lash, it is the most popular style in lash marketing. Due to the particularity of double tips flat lash, one tip flat lash is slowly replaced.
Actually, the double tip style is softer than the one tip style.

The category of the flat lash can be also divided by glossiness, matte, and gloss flat lash. Some customers like gloss flat lash, but others like matte. Matte flat lash is similar to our natural lash, their texture is almost the same. Matte flat lash will appear more natural and advanced after grafting. Most clients like matte texture.

Besides, color is a factor in classification, we divide flat lash into 2 main categories, black and colorful. Black is the most commonly black, generally matte black. Colorful flat lash we supply is mainly divided into 3 color series, brown series, blue series, and Morandi color series, which are popular in recent years.

  • Brown Series: Black-brown, Ash brown, Red-brown is our classic brown colors, dark brown, brown and orange are also available.

brown color flat lash

  • Blue Series: Blue and purple

Blue and purple flat lash

These 5 colors in the above pictures can be matched and mixed in a tray. Mixed color and size can meet the needs of customers for different grafting styles.

5 colors lashes mixed in a tray


  • Morandi Color Series: We have developed the newest colored flat lash based on the current trend of Morandi shades. The color saturation of the Morandi is not very strong, and the overall feeling is relatively fresh and soft. Some customers call them soot colors. Pair this color lash with the matte black lash, it will appear a perfect effect on the eyes. If your clients want to make colorful eyelash extensions, it must be a good choice of Morandi Color Flat Lashes.

Morandi Color

What is the effect of colored flat lash grafting?

Single color lash grafting: the below picture shows light brown in Morandi Series, this color is the closest to our natural lashes. The vision enlarges the eyes and enhances the model’s spirit.

graft with flat lash is no burden

Mixed color lash grafting: colored lash can be used the embellish the end of eyelashes, interspersed grafting is also graceful. A natural eyelash effect with 120 roots totally, 20-30 roots of the colorful lash is suitable for mixing.

Mixed color lash grafting

Why buy flat eyelash extensions from Lash Colors?

We are the best flat eyelash extensions wholesale, and use premium eyelash extension raw materials (100% premium PBT) and produce flawless finished products, our flat lash extensions are the best you can buy. They are specially designed to provide a thick finish without weighing down the natural lash as normal round lashes would. Lash Colors provide dozens of flat lash colors, 0.10/0.13, 0.15,0.20 mm thickness and J/C/CC/D/DD curl, single length and mix length from 7 to 15 mm.

Our products go through multi-level quality inspections from production to delivery. We offer the top quality products and the best service to our customers. And all of our products can be customized with your logo, packaging, size sticker and others, our R&D department aims to develop the popular style eyelash extensions, our lash artists lead us to learn advanced lash techs and estheticians. So we guarantee that we use the most advanced technology in the industry to provide you with best products.

If you want to know more about our flat lashes, please contact us.


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