Handmade fan (pro-made)V.S Fanned fan

Handmade Fan (Pro-Made)V.S Fanned Fan

Handmade fan pro-made

V.S Fanned fan

Handmade fan as a traditional style of lashing which is already not a secret any more, there are many old lash artist are very skillful about the grafting , they can make a various style like they want. However, fanned fan are also very popular by some lash artist these years, which can get more symmetrical effect. Making a symmetrical and beautiful fans is not a easy technology , many new birds on lash field need to take months , even a year to practice. Also need so many patience to practice. However, some lash artists also have bad review on fanned fan. so now this blog will take us to see why the lash artist choose the different lashes and what is the difference between them!

  • What are handmade (pro-made) fans?

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Handmade fan , usually be called with volume lashes fans, which be made a flower by lash artist , not by the machinery. When the clients come to beauty salon and lie down on our bed as lash artist will make a fan meanwhile. Which need to be make a flower on the some plates , like glass plates. Lash artist will use some method they like to make a flower they need, then pick up from the strips , take a dip a eyelash extension glue then grafting this flower on client’s natural lashes. And the left fans need artist to create them individually, Which will take lash artist more time to do it. As for the shape of handmade fan , lash artist can make as they want so that the new flowers can be wear around on our natrual lashes, which will looks more fluffy and natural . 

Making a handmade fan need a lot of time to practice and also need a little of talent , when you fan the fans you need to learn how to maneuver the tiny lashes then get a beautiful fans. You also need to control the glue of grafting in case of which weigh down client’s eyes.

Here is a video can let you know the volume lashes very well.




And if you are a new bird of making volume fans , maybe you will prefer to have a look about fanned fan first.

  • What are the fanned fans ?

Fanned fan also be known as premade fan. Just like the name , this fan means the lashes be a fan already.  Which are produced by the factory or some manufacturer , when it arrived at the lash artist hands which is already a fans like , then can be grafted on the clients’ natural lashes directly.


And due to the demand of premade fan flower is various so that we (manufacturer)also invented many different types to meet the various demand of flower, just like short stem or long stem , equal tips or unequal tips, and so on . However, there are mainly two classification of premade fan . One is heat-bonded lashes, the other one is glue-bonded lashes. 

And there are many different packaging of them ,  like the loose fans: many fans be putted in a jar , or a case; or like the volume fans, packaging on a strips.


And What’s the difference between two type pre-made fan? Root of  Bonded fan is bonding by the glue, Heat -bonded means its roots sealed together using the heat technology. 


Glue bonded fan is similar like the handmade fans , which looks more natural when lash artist  graft them on clients’ natural lashes.

Which differences have long stem , short stem , how many hairs , the curl and the thickness. Some one said the premade fan is too heavy for clients , due to the many hairs are using glue and then grafting on one lashes .  And some thick premade fan will take more glue , when they on clients’ lashes which will be a little chunk on clients’ lashes.



Heat-bonded fan will more light than traditional premade fan, and will not clump much adhesive , if you are caring about these two factors , maybe you can have a look about heat-bonded lashes. Which root using heat technology to put them together so it feel like one lashes only .

However, you can see from the stripes, the bottom of heat-fan is looks like a black line, so that will not look good as glue-bonded fan well.

  • Advantages of premade fan

Even premade fan is not very natural like the volume fans, however which is also have so many advantages to let us choose it.  Premade fan also be a fan already so that can be save much time for lash artist to make a new fan by their own hand.  You can treat more clients and there are more time to do other things, like to practice a volume fan with that time. Premade fan , especially the heat-boned lashes, which can be easier to control the glue , so lash artist want to remove them which will be easier ,too.

And there are many different types can be choose, and many size can meet different demand. Which means that when you decide to buy it , you also should make sure the lash mapping and a range of sizes. Generally , sinolashes’s 3~10D, 0.05 or 0.07 mm thickness is the most choice by customer, selling very well.

If you heard the shortage and bad reviews of premade fan,we suggest that you can use by yourself and then get the real feel. Sometimes, some old artist are not prefer premade fan.

  • Difference between handmade fans and volume fans

In order to let sinolashes lovers can be tell from the difference among the handmade fan and premade fan well, we summarize the below several points for lovers reference, which is already considerable against our experience so that we think which can let you know how to choose them well ~


Pro-made fan

Glue bonded fans

Heat bonded fans

Damage to our Natural lashes


Close to None


Whether easy to apply




Operation time

3+ Hours

About 2 Hours

About 2 Hours


Best using

Similar to classics

Similar to classics

Material Loss

<10% of a tray / Client

<50% of a tray / Client

<50% of a tray / Client

Price charging


More expensive

Same as Glue boned fan

  • What are we recommendation?


Due to the handmade fans are easier to make sure the shapes and can be changed and length , thickness and curl easily, so that the customization of them will be easier. One mixed tray can creat a beautiful lashes enough , so it is very cheaper and economical.

However, fanned fans is very easy to wear on the natural lashes, will not take long time to practice them so that there are also a lot of benefits to fanned fans:

  • Can be improved the grafting speed so that you can accept more clients , save the time and earn more money.


  • The perfect symmetry experience is beyond the reach of ordinary volume fans


So we suggest that new lash artist can choose use premade fan more and all lashes artist can choose use both of them together, combined them together can be get better looks! If there is any interests to try them, welcome to contact sinolashes at any time! We can provide the lash mapping  to assist you!


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