How to trim false eyelashes that are too long

How to trim false eyelashes that are too long

How to trim false eyelashes that are too long

We use false eyelashes in our daily makeup. We need to pay attention to choosing the right false eyelashes. The length and wearing method of false eyelashes are very important. We should trim the length of false eyelashes according to our eye shape.

How to trim false eyelashes that are too long

Human eyelashes are longest in the middle, slightly shorter on both sides, generally ranging in length from 5 mm to 10 mm. If you want false eyelashes to look natural after wearing, the length should not be too exaggerated, and the width should be suitable for your eye shape. Measure whether the length and width of the false eyelashes are suitable. If it is too long, use small scissors to subtract some. Remember to keep the original curvature when trimming the length, otherwise the eyelashes will look too fake when trimming the width. When trimming the width, you must cut off the long part of the eye and the end of the eye. Don’t just cut off one end. The extra part.

How to trim the length of false eyelashes

  • Step1: Before applying the false eyelashes, draw the eyeliner first, and use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes into a curled arc, so that the eyelashes can maintain the proper curvature. If you want to make the eyelashes thicker, you can use a curling mascara. Bring the eyelashes lightly to ensure that your eyelashes can fit well with the false eyelashes, but they are not brushed too thickly.
  • Step2: Gently pinch the false eyelashes with your hands, measure the length of the eyelashes on your eyes, and then trim the false eyelashes with small scissors. This can ensure that the length of the false eyelashes is well connected with the length of the real eyelashes.
  • Step3: Gently “massage” the false eyelashes and bend the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes soft, especially the stalk. The arc of the eyelash stalk should be adapted to the curvature of the eye.
  • Step4: Next, we need to trim the length of the stalk of the false eyelashes. Note that the inner corner of the eye is about 2 mm away from the middle of the eye without eyelashes, so leave the false eyelashes at the inner eye to 2 mm, and the end of the eye The eyelashes are longer, so the eyelashes from the inner corner to the end of the eye are gradually getting longer, do not leave too long at the end of the eye, otherwise it will be easy to degummed and affect the effect of false eyelashes. It should also be noted that the false eyelashes of the two eyes must be cut symmetrically, so as to present the most perfect natural effect.

How to attach false eyelashes

When applying glue, you should think of the curl of the eyelashes. We say that an eyelash line is also divided into the upper side and the lower side. The normal curl glue is applied to the reverse side of the false eyelash fiber, that is, the side. After a few seconds, it is attached to the root of the real eyelashes. Pinch the roots of the real and fake eyelashes, try to put them together, it will be more real. Then adjust the overall warpage so that the head and tail of the eyes are drooping, and the middle should be warped to match the shape of real eyelashes.

Apply mascara

How to fix false eyelashes

  • Step1: In order to avoid the two-layer separation problem of false eyelashes and real eyelashes, after pasting the false eyelashes, use your fingers to fit the real and false eyelashes together and gently pinch to make the two eyelashes closer together.
  • Step2: If you are not satisfied with the curling degree of the eyelashes, you can use the eyelash curler to gently curl the eyelashes, and then use mascara to shape the eyelashes. But don’t use too much force, otherwise it will damage the false eyelashes just applied.
  • Step3: Fill the gap between the real and fake eyelashes with eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to complete the supernatural perfect eyelashes.

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