Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Magnetic lashes are very popular in the market due to don’t use lashes glue and can use many times. And there are several different types in one package for customer choice which is very convenient, they can choose one which matches the whole make-up and the clothes they wear at the time.

This guide will walk you through the fundamental aspects of magnetic lashes. Let’s dive right in.

What are Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes?

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are two increasingly trendy alternatives to traditional false lashes. They contain small magnets and allows them to stick to your upper eyelids you have applied the product without the use of any other gel or liquid eyeliner.

What are the Advantages of Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes?

They do not require glue to apply and therefore, not be far less messy than traditional false lashes that one has to apply glue, no worry about getting adhesive all over your lashes.

They can be used more than once and easy to remove, while false lashes can also be used again, the glue tends to bend them out of shape or make them look grotty.

They tend to be more hygienic and comfortable as they will not require the application of glue sticking to your skin which may lead to allergic reactions.

One of the biggest advantages of magnetic lashes is that they are easier to apply than traditional false lashes.

Are there Limitations of Magnetic Eyeliner and lashes?

Yes, though the use of magnetic lashes is appealing, there are some shortcomings of magnetic lashes.

They are not made according to the shape of the natural lashes.

They are not very stable once they have been applied and there can be the annoying feeling that the magnetic eyelashes are going to fall off.

They cannot be bent and you have to apply them as they are which makes them

Magnetic lashes look rather cheap due to their inability to conform to the shape of the natural lashes.

The biggest disadvantage of wearing magnetic lashes is that they cannot be easier to bend to suit the shape of your eye, making them look awkward when they do not correspond with the shape of the eyes.

Are magnetic eyeliner and lashes safe for your eyes?

It’s a simple question for sure, the short answer is yes, magnetic eyeliner is used to attach complement magnetic eyelashes to remain in place. they are considered safer than traditional false eyelashes that used glue, however, like all beauty products, it’s best for any product used around the eyes to be careful. Your risk may be higher if you use the product incorrectly, they may, of course, cause eye irritation and eyelid irritation, and should not be used in an MRI scanner.

How many types of magnetic Eyeliner and lashes are there?

Originally there are 2 types in the market now.

One is traditional magnetic lash, there is a soft magnet on the lashes and it two pieces of lashes for each eye, up false lashes and down false lashes, you just need to put them merge together and let your natural eyelashes in the middle, it will be okay.

1S can be picked off, 2S can be worn, very convenient to use.
The magnet of lashes applies Nano-technology which is very light and no heavy feel. And magnetic lash is easy to pick off. Volume lashes, charming eyes are available at once.

magnetic lash is easy to pick off
magnetic lash is easy to pick off

The other one is Magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes kit. The user just needs to use eyeliner as you do in your daily life. Then put the Magnetic lashes on your eyeliner when it is dry. Due to there is magnetic powder in eyeliner which can be attached to the soft magnet on the lashes well. Also not easy to fall off.

Magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes kit is very portable and saves money for buying eyeliner. Only one layer of eyelash, very soft and light.

In a word, to the people whose eyelashes are short and sparse originally. Magnetic eyeliner& eyelash kit is a very good product, due to which can get the volume effect easier and don’t hurt their natural lashes.

Traditional magnetic lash
Traditional magnetic lash
Magnetic eyeliner lash
Magnetic eyeliner lash

How to apply magnetic eyeliner & eyelash kit?

For Type I: Traditional magnetic lashes (only soft magnet)

Step 1: When you wear it, you can see both ends, the short one is in the inner corner of the eye, the long one is at the end of the eye.

Step 2: Then let the soft magnet of the lashes merge together and let your natural lashes inside, the same as the making Sandwich way. Brush your lashes and false lashes with a screw brush. Then you apply the traditional magnetic eyelash successfully.

How to pick off it?

It is also very easy to pick off. Please just hold the magnet of the lashes’ end and let them apart gently, it will be okay!

How to maintain the eyelash?

Step 1: Put them back on the case when you don’t use it
Step 2: Keep cleaning every two or three days, use cotton swabs to clean up the dust.

Type II: Magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes kit (For more details and more visual info, you can check the below picture!)

How to wear it?

Step 1 Apply eyeliner after base makeup

After skincare and base makeup, using an eyeliner pen to draw eyeliner, then the user waits for the eyeliner to a little dry. Our professional eyeliner pen contains magnetic absorption ingredients, users can apply false eyelashes with this eyeliner pen directly, no need for glue.

Step 2 Choose eyelash style from the magnetic eyelash kit

User can select favorite eyelash style from the magnetic eyelash kit to match current makeup and clothes. Then use applicators to pick it up.

Step 3 Apply the false eyelashes

Pinch the eyelash carefully with eyelash applicators, place the lash band directly on the skin just above your own natural lashes. Gently pull down the false eyelash from either end to get as close to your natural eyelashes as you can. Users can adjust the position and adhesion degree by hand, to make them more fit.

Step 4 Bonding the eyelashes and finish the look

Having a screw brush to start with lets you pinch and push your natural lashes and the false lashes together so they set well. Squeeze the strip lash down onto the natural lashes so you don’t end up with a strip of skin between your lashes and the false lashes. Congratulation, you wear the magnetic eyelashes with no glue!

How to Remove it?

Step 1. Using your index finger and thumb to slide the magnetic lashes away out of your eyeliner gently.

Step 2. Removing the magnetic eyelashes gently, to avoid pulling the lashes straight off, as this may alter the shape of lashes.

Step 3. Prepare make-up remover of eye or lip or Micellar water bought from the drugstore.
Wiping with swabs and make-up remover, then washing your face with water. Eyeliner will come off.

Are magnetic eyelashes easy to fall off?

No. Magnetic eyelashes can be used without glue, which using Nano soft magnet can clip it to your eyelashes one second, charming lashes are available at once. Don’t worry about false lashes will be moved easier even though there is no glue. Wearing and dropping off only need 2 seconds, very easy to deal with it.

Are magnetic eyelashes really handle?

Magnetic lash is really easy to use, which includes Nanotechnology (can keep the original shape well and will not have bacteria). Without glue(due to there is some glue are not very healthy, maybe there is cancerogenic substance), and you don’t even have to take care of your magnetic eyelashes all the time, 2s is enough to wear it.

Hope you have known the common magnetic lashes types and understood how to wear and use them. And if you want to know how to distinguish them, you can check out this useful article. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with the use of magnetic eyelashes? Let us know if you need any of the magnetic lash products or detailed customized designs service, we can send you a special wholesale price for bulk orders, contact us now.


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