Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and unlock the new technology of Lash Lift

Say Goodbye To Eyelash Curlers And Unlock The New Technology Of Lash Lift2

Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and unlock the new technology of Lash Lift

Although eyelash grafting is also a very good choice, the price is too expensive, and it needs to be repaired after three or four weeks. Now I recommend a more economical technique: Lash Lift.

Lash Lift benefits

  1. The effect can last for 6 to 8 weeks
  2. Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and save makeup time
  3. Reduce eyelashes. If you don’t use mascara any more, you don’t need to remove mascara for a long time, which will make you have healthier eyelashes.
  4. Natural curling of eyelashes will make the eyes look more refreshing and younger
  5. It is a good alternative to eyelash grafting

For most people, the eyelashes are dark, but they are not curled. One of the necessary steps for makeup is to curl the eyelashes. It is not easy to choose the right eyelash curler. Those popular models may not be suitable for everyone.

Since the eyelash curler cannot completely curl the eyelashes from the root, there is no way to completely curl the eyelashes close to the root, not to mention that the eyelashes will still hang down after curling, or if you have just finished makeup, you will find out what your eyes are. Not so big and so energetic, it turned out that the eyelashes were hanging down.

Many friends who choose to clip eyelashes will also worry that long-term use of glue and tearing of false eyelashes will not be good for the skin. If the eyelids are loose, only slight correction can be done.

So now the new technology of eyelash beauty Lash Lift helps you solve all the above problems!

lash lift

What is the difference between lash perm and lash lift

Use different solvents

Lash Lift consists of two steps, which are similar to perming. First, the hair’s scales are opened and then shaped. The solvent used in Lash Lift is a new formula that does not damage the hair, but also replenishes keratin to the eyelashes, making your own eyelashes stronger and thicker.

Use different materials

Traditional perm eyelashes use rods, which are round and tubular, so that the ironed eyelashes are not only unsightly in shape, but also prone to uneven distribution and look messy.

Lash Lift uses silicon pad. Its special design allows the eyelashes to be separated from each other in operation, and the degree of curling is more natural than traditional ones.

makeu artist using mascara scaled


Within 24 hours after finishing the lash lift, you cannot wear contact lenses, mainly to prevent any products in the process from accidentally entering the eyes.

Do not take a steam bath, do not take a bath, do steaming facial and hot yoga within 48 hours, do not do any activities that may expose your eyelashes to water or steam, and do not cry! Because the eyelashes will droop~

Don’t sleep face down. If you are used to sleeping on your side, remember to brush your eyelashes frequently for the first 24 hours to get it in shape.


Lash lifting can make you more beautiful. Sinolashes is a professional ironing agent manufacturer in China. NOW start ordering your eyelashes with SinoLashes!

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