Tips for choosing a best eyelashes glue

Tips for choosing a best eyelashes glue


Step 1 Choose the suitable eyelash styles according to your eye shape

Like eyelashes itself, eyelash extension glue is one of the most important factors needed by professional eyelash artists or beauty salons. Synthetic eyelashes need to be effectively pasted with high-quality adhesives to achieve excellent results.

Here are some tips that can let you know eyelash glue more and can choose a best eyelash glue that suitable for your business, if you were new, this article also will give you more knowledge! Now let’s dive in!

 First, what are eyelash extension adhesives(glue)?
Eyelash extension adhesives are used to bond extensions to your natural eyelashes.

The application process is quite simple. The eyelash technician dips the bottom of the eyelash extension fiber into the eyelash adhesive about two or three millimeters, and then fixes it on the natural eyelashes.

If you are thinking about using an adhesive, the truth is that the wrong adhesive will not only cause eyelashes to fall off, but also cause serious allergies and even eye damage. This is why the vital eyelash care can only be performed by a professional eyelash artist.

Choosing the right eyelash glue plays a huge role in the quality of service you will get and the retention rate of eyelash extensions

Second, working condition:How Humidity and temperature of Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Whether you want to do eyelash extension or other related tasks, humidity and temperature are your best friends. Let us get to the point.
First of all, in terms of humidity,
Due to the chemical reaction between the moisture in the air and the cyanoacrylate, the main   component of the eyelash adhesive, adhesion occurs between the extended eyelashes and the natural eyelashes.

You should always control the ideal humidity of the eyelash extension gel. Having said that, all types of eyelash extenders on the market have different humidity conditions. This is why it is important to check the manufacturer’s instructions when using this adhesive.

For example, one manufacturer may recommend humidity to be maintained at 40% and above, while another manufacturer may require humidity to be maintained at 60% and above, and so on. Eyelash technicians need not only a humidity detector, but also a way to adjust it in the salon to properly apply the adhesive.

Higher humidity usually causes the eyelash adhesive to cure faster, known as “impact polymerization,” in which the outer layer cures too quickly, and does not allow the inside to bond properly. On the other hand, low humidity levels may require additional drying time.

In addition to humidity, heat is a key factor affecting drying, curing and even bonding.

According to experience, eyelash glue dries quickly in hot climates, and dries slowly in cold weather. Ideally, your eyelash salon should maintain a temperature of 200 to 220 degrees Celsius. To be honest, most adhesive-related problems usually start or end at the beginning or end of summer and winter.

Also, remember that there is a relationship between humidity and temperature. For example, you should keep the temperature low when the humidity is high, and vice versa, to balance the drying and curing of the adhesive.

In addition, avoid placing heaters and air conditioners directly on the eyelash curler. In addition to heaters and air conditioners, you also need a humidifier, because both heaters and air conditioners can over-dry the space.

If you find it fancy, you can use an aroma diffuser instead of a humidifier to neutralize the smell. Finally, get a hygrometer to ensure good working conditions with medical grade adhesive

Finally, I recommend a storage of eyelash glue here for your reference, which can keep the glue fresh and have good effective air isolation. If you are interested in it , you can question our sales manager to get price or other related info. WA:+8618053299551


Third, How to choose a best eyelash extension glue for your service?

If you are still waiting for a full 24 hours before getting the moisturizing cream wet, it may be the whole drug known at the time. Many changes have taken place from consistency to viscosity, drying time and curing time.

Before you encounter any danger, you must know the drying and curing.

The initial phase, which is about to end, will no longer be active at this moment. State, solidification means that it has completed the whole process. It may take several hours to complete in the future.

There are three most important things to keep in mind to help you choose the best cutoff value.

  • Slow-drying and quick-drying adhesives

Between slow-drying and quick-drying eyelash extenders, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

– Slow-drying adhesive: Slow-drying eyelash glue takes longer to set. Based on experience, you can expect more than 5~6 seconds to set up the binding. Compared with quick-drying adhesives, they are less irritating. Because these glues take longer to set, they are more forgiving for beginners.

– Quick-drying adhesive: Quick-drying eyelash glue will set faster in 1-2 seconds. These adhesives are usually favored by the last experienced stylist because they can complete a full set of eyelash extensions faster. However, they may cause more irritation to sensitive customers.

  • Adhesion

PMMA is the key to eyelash extension adhesive bonding, because it can strengthen and ensure that the bond between the extension and natural eyelashes remains intact until the real eyelashes fall off naturally.

Ultimately, when choosing the right adhesive, you must also consider the humidity of your residence.


You may already know that eyelash extenders mainly come in black or transparent shades. Most of our customers prefer black adhesive because it can outline and define the lash line, just like you are wearing a bold eyeliner.

Having said that, I personally see that some customers are allergic to carbon black. For customers with sensitive skin, transparent glue comes in handy.  Sinolashes prepare both of these two for your choice~3

Finally,  I will share the main ingredients of eyelash extension glue,maybe there are more professional technician want to know this point.

Eyelash extension adhesives are made of adhesive ingredients, thickeners, stabilizers, colorants, and may contain other compounds for various purposes.

This is an example of a typical eyelash extension adhesive.

And the main bonding component of eyelash glue is “cyanoacrylate”, which can quickly and appropriately bond with human skin, hair, other organic tissues, and natural fibers, wool, leather and fibers. Here is it’s molecular formula for your reference, if you are good at chemical, you will know it clearly LOL.


Cyanoacrylate is a plastic or acrylic resin that looks like a liquid, but when it comes in contact with moisture, it reacts to produce fast-curing polymer chains. [2] For medical, industrial, household and current cosmetic purposes, you may come into contact with cyanoacrylate when using acrylic nails.

You must understand that the same cyanoacrylate used in Super Glue is different from the one used to bond eyelash extenders. In fact, cyanoacrylate has many derivatives from ethyl, methyl, butyl, octyl, methoxy, alkoxy, etc., used to bind different substances to different surfaces.

1. Ethyl cyanoacrylate: The ethyl type of ethyl cyanoacrylate is generally thicker than other eyelash adhesives. It is related to the fast drying time, and many manufacturers of adhesives based on ethyl cyanoacrylate claim that it has a retention time of up to 6 weeks.

2. Butyl cyanoacrylate:Another cyanoacrylate used in medical applications, butyl cyanoacrylate has a slower drying time than ethyl cyanoacrylate, but produces less formaldehyde during curing, Butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives are often used in the medical field.

3. Ethoxy ethyl cyanoacrylate: This cyanoacrylate ensures the smoothness and flexibility of natural eyelashes when they are applied. It provides a soft feeling. Among these three types of glues, ethoxy ethyl cyanoacrylate glue has the shortest bonding time and the longest drying time. However, they are also the gentlest glues and are recommended for sensitive customers.


PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate is the main ingredient that fixes the extension fibers on your natural eyelashes. It is an acrylic glass that shows a slight stickiness.

The rule of thumb is that if the adhesive contains higher PMMA, the longer the retention time.

PMMA is very strong and it can also be used for bone remodeling.



Another common ingredient in eyelash adhesives is hydroquinone or “eyelash antioxidants.”

Most importantly, it prevents the eyelash glue from drying out quickly.

The advantage of hydroquinone is that it exists in liquid form, but when it comes in contact with air, it will freeze immediately.

Carbon black

Do you know how the strong dark color of black mascara comes from?

It comes from carbon black.

Carbon black is nothing but burning hydrocarbons or soot, and is usually used in a series of cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencil.

Compared with transparent adhesives, using black adhesives will make your eyelashes longer and look more natural.

However, transparent eyelash glue can still work because some customers may be sensitive to the carbon black used in most eyelash glues.


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